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7-11-04 - Screaming Mimes have been accepted into this years MidPoint Music Fest taking place September 22nd to the 25th. Check out for more details and a final line-up.

6-1-04 -The 3 Song CD Sampler is available now featuring the songs "Completely", "Never Be Enough" and "TV". Send off an email to order or see the guys at a show to pick one up for only $3.

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Got To Tell The World (2010)

From The Vault (2010)

Tragedy Comic (2008)
Available now - find out more

Live My Life (2005)
Available now - find out more

Seven Song EP (2003)
Released in the Spring of 2003, no longer available.



Screaming Mimes: Live My Life
Screaming Mimes: Tragedy Comic
Screaming Mimes: Got To Tell The World
GOT TO TELL THE WORLD is now available at CDBaby, Screaming Mimes - Got to Tell the World, Amazon and more!